Equity Strategy

  • Made in China: Deflationary Woes

    The global slowdown just got worse as the contagion spreads across mutually dependent economies. A chart heavy walk-through of what could be the fallout of the China devaluation conundrum

    By Team Trend-Wise on 20 Sep, 2015

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  • Crude Oil: The War For Market Shares - Our column for SwarajyaMag

    Both conventional and the unconventional oil producers will try to fight this turf war from a position of advantage. It is important to understand their relative positions of strengths and weaknesses. We try to draw some perspective here while also outlining some challenges and opportunities that could tip the scales.

    By Team Trend-Wise on 22 May, 2015

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  • CHART-WATCH: Outlook For Idea Cellular

    Idea registered new all time high in the last 2 weeks but failed to close near it. The stock has seen a fantastic rally in the fashion of what is technically called as a parabolic curve (refer chart) from 70 to 170 in the last 12 months.

    By Renu Goel on 05 Aug, 2013

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